Our Approach

We offer a Christian education, academic & social development and family engagement opportunities.

Our Philosophy

Our goal here at Green Valley Lutheran Preschool & Kindergarten is the development of the whole child. We work to nurture, not only their social, emotional, physical, and academic growth, but their spiritual growth as well.


We believe that children are a trust from God. To keep and protect that trust we first provide them with an increasing knowledge of their Savior in a safe, loving and warm environment. We then work to structure their social and academic environment in a way that will enhance their sense of self worth and independence, as well as, stimulate exploration and excite learning.


We believe that children have individual needs and varying abilities that are not based solely on age. Therefore our program works to meet each child at his or her own level and build upon their strengths to help them achieve at their own pace. This will be achieved through a curriculum, which includes a balanced schedule of individual, small and whole group settings.


We believe also, that any good early childhood program needs to have a close working relationship with the families it serves. We encourage and welcome that involvement, as it is an essential and vital component in the learning process. Our doors and hearts are always open to our families, community and church.


“I cannot say enough great things about this school.  All three of my children received an incredible academic, social and spiritual foundation".

- GVLPK parent 


Our Curriculum

We are committed to providing an engaging and hands-on academic learning experience for all children. We also ensure that children have multiple opportunities to develop through social-emotional experiences. We use a theme based approach to facilitate learning and differentiate instruction so that ALL children are successful. The literacy program for the 3 and 4 year olds focus on strengthening Phonemic Awareness and Phonics skills through a variety of learning modalities. The Kindergarten and First grade literacy program builds upon that strong foundation to ensure reading success! Math, science and social studies, along with life skills concepts, are involved throughout the year in each of the classrooms. Our preschool, kindergarten and first grade classes are also licensed with the State of Nevada and governed  by  a board of  directors.