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Welcome to GV Lutheran School!

                    "for all their heart    

                and all their soul

                      and all their mind"

Our Faith


We, at Green Valley Evangelical Lutheran Church, are determined to serve the Lord and build a community in Christ. To do so, we confess and believe in God's love to us through Jesus Christ as revealed to us in the Bible. 

We believe that children, as well as families, must find their strength in God's love for us, his forgiveness, guidance and protection, in order for them to realize the potential God has built into our lives. Values, self-esteem and socialization are best taught from a Biblical framework of what God has done for us so that we can respond to him in love & thankfullness.

To further these goals in the children we serve, Green Valley Lutheran Preschool & Kindergarten offers religious orientation classes for all parents who are not members of our church fellowship, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, so that parents can know and assent to what we are teaching their children about life's ultimate questions. 

Only in this way can a true partnership between faculty and parents be forged so that children can reach their full potential as individuals in their immediate family, the family of God and the family of mankind.

Upcoming Events

2020-20121 Registration

Registration for next school year is in full swing! We only have a few 3 year-old, 4 year-old and 1st grade spots available for the upcoming school year. Call now if you are interested in learning more about those programs!

School Closure & Spring Break

March 16 - April 13 

We pray you all stay safe and healthy during this break and we hope to be together again right after Spring Break! 

Field Day

 April 17th 

It will be a fun filled day!

School Calendar 2019-2020
August 8: Meet & Greet
August 12: 1st Day of School
August 23: Coffee Connection 8:15 am
August 28: Parent/Teacher Night 6 pm 
August 29: Parent/Teacher Night 6 pm (T/TH class only)
Sept. 2: Labor Day - No School
Sept. 27: School Fun Run 
Oct. 8: Coffee Connection 8:15 am
Oct. 12: Parent's Night Out 4-8 pm
Oct. 18: Fall Festival 5:30-7:30 pm
Oct. 25: NV Day - No School
Oct. 30: Coffee Connection 8:15 am
Oct. 30: Halloween Parade (M-F, MWF classes) 8:30 am
Oct. 31: Halloween Parade (T/TH) 8:30 am
Nov. 11: Veteran's Day - No School
Nov. 22: Ornament Night 4-6 pm
Nov. 25-29: Thanksgiving Break - No School
Dec. 4: Advent Service - Mrs. Redmond's & Mrs. Ploetz's classes sing 7 pm
Dec. 7: Parent's Day Out 9-1 pm
Dec. 11: Advent Service - Mrs. Heiny's, Mrs. Crowe's & Miss Snider's classes sing 7 pm
Dec. 18: Advent Service - Kindergarten & First grade classes sing 7 pm
Dec. 23-Jan. 5: Christmas Break - No School
Jan. 9: Coffee Connection 8:15 am
Jan. 20: Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School
Feb. 17: President's Day - No School
Feb. 21: Career Day 
Feb. 24-28: Book Fair
Mar. 4: Lenten Service - Kindergarten & First grade classes sing 7 pm
Mar. 7: Parent's Night Out 4-8 pm
Mar. 16: School Closed 
Apr. 6-13: Spring Break - No School
Apr. 17: Field Day 9:30-11:30
May 8: Coffee Connection 8:15 am
May 11: Graduation - Mrs. Crowe's class 4 pm
May 12: Graduation - First grade 4 pm
May 13: Graduation - Mrs. Redmond's class 10:30 am
May 13: Graduation - Mrs. Heiny's class 4 pm
May 14: Graduation - Mrs. Ploetz's class 10:30 am
May 14: Graduation - Kindergarten class 4 pm
May 15: Graduation - Miss Snider's class 4 pm
May 20: Last Day of School - No aftercare, school will close at 4 pm
**Your child will also receive a Monthly Classroom calendar from their teachers that include special celebrations and events specific to their class! There's always something fun happening at GV Lutheran!

Fall Fest Friends
Spider Science
Pumpkin Patch
All About Pumpkins
Fall Fest
Thanksgiving Feast
Funny Feet Day
Holiday Hat Day
Kindergarten Christmas Play
Christmas performance
Valentine's Day Craft
Career Day
Career Day
Career Day
Career Day
McGruff at Career Day
Career Day
Career Day
Career Day
Career Day
Leprechaun Traps
Fun Day
Fun Day
Circle Time Fun
Our Pastors
Friday Chapel
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McGruff at Career Day