Three Year Olds

Preschool Curriculum

Social and Emotional Development -

Takes care of personal needs, follows classroom rules, uses manners, uses words to express emotions, plays cooperatively, engages in group activities...

Language Development -

Speaks in complete sentences, can say first and last name, understands and responds to simple questions, retells familiar stories, engages in phonemic awareness activities, produces letter sounds...

Cognitive Development -

Names colors and shapes, sorts objects, verbally counts to 10 or beyond, counts objects using 1 to 1 correspondence, understands positional words, recognizes first name in print, knows simple opposites, identifies rhyming words, replicates simple patterns...

Fine Motor Skills -

Builds with blocks & Legos, puts inset puzzles together independently, uses scissors correctly, copies shapes, holds writing & coloring utensils correctly...

Gross Motor Skills -

Throws, catches, kicks a ball, balances, hops on 2 feet, gallops, runs around obstacles, dances to music...

Spiritual Development -

Sits well in chapel, sings Bible songs, knows who Jesus is, understands God's word is the Bible...

Sample Schedule

8:30-9:15     Center time & art

9:15-9:30     Chapel

9:30-9:45    Snack

9:45-10:15    Whole group circle

10:15-10:45   Outside play

10:45-11:15    Center time

11:15-11:45     Whole group circle

11:45-12:30    Lunch (end of day for 1/2 day)

12:30-1:00    Outside play

1:00-3:00     Nap time

3:00-4:00    Snack, centers & outside play

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