Curriculum Overview

Reading -

Students use knowledge of phonics & sight words to become independent readers.

Student reading levels vary and small reading groups are based on individual reading goals.

Students learn to respond to, discuss and write about various elements of fictional and informational texts.

Writing -

Students use phonetic knowledge to spell simple words and transfer sight words into writing activities.

Students understand author's purpose and use that knowledge in their own writing: they write to give an opinion, provide information and to tell a story.

Math -

Students master foundational skills & grow from concrete mathematical concepts to more abstract ideas.

Students work with patterning, measurement, place value 2D and 3D shapes.

Students learn beginning addition and subtraction skills.

Science & Social Studies -

Students engage in many different science experiments & STEM projects throughout the year.

Students learn the scientific process and how to record predictions & observations.

Students learn basic historical and geographical concepts throughout various thematic lessons.

Speaking & Listening -

Students discuss ideas with partners and work in collaborative groups.

Students present ideas and share personal writing with classmates.

Fine Motor Skills -

writes/draws/cuts independently, laces, uses various types of manipulatives to build and construct... 

Gross Motor Skills -

runs/jumps/hops/skips/climbs, participates in group games... 

Social and Emotional Development -

follows rules, accepts responsibility, works independently, works cooperatively...

Spiritual Development -

Demonstrates love and respect for God by listening and participating in chapel, demonstrates an understanding of God's word through story retell

Sample Schedule

8:30-9:15      Poetry/Calendar/Daily News

9:15-9:30      Chapel

9:30-9:45     Whole Group - Language Arts Focus

9:45-10:15     Writing, Science, Social Studies

10:15-10:45    Snack & Recess

10:45-11:45    Centers & Reading Groups

11:45-12:00    Cleanup/Sharing/Music & Movement

12:00-12:30   Lunch (end of day for 1/2 day)

12:30-1:00     Recess

1:00-1:45      Specials: Science, Art, Music, PE, Library

1:45-2:00     Snack & Recess

2:00-3:00    Centers & Math Groups

3:00-3:15     Cleanup/Sharing/End of Academic Day

3:15-4:00     Recess & Parent Pick Up

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