Our Goals & Objectives


To provide a program which will promote the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of every child.

  • To pray to the Lord daily and for many purposes.
  • To enhance gross motor skills.
  • To enhance and refine fine motor skills.
  • To use all senses in learning.
  • To acquire learning and problem solving skills and to expand logical thinking skills.
  • To expand communication/language skills.
  • To develop beginning reading and writing skills.
  • To acquire concepts and information leading to a broader understanding of their word.
  • To experience a sense of self-esteem, develop positive self-identity, independence, trust, faith and confidence.
  • To demonstrate cooperative pro-social behavior.
  • Demonstrate love of God by showing love toward others.


To structure a learning environment, which allows children to explore, make decisions, and deal with problem solving experiences, using a variety of activities, which are guided and extended by the teacher.

  • To include space for defined area/activities, i.e., Blocks, Dramatic Play, Manipulative, Creative Art, Sand and Water, Library, Music and Science.
  • To display materials at child?s level.
  • To provide a balanced daily schedule.
  • To create and maintain an outdoor learning environment which promotes skill development in all learning areas.


To provide opportunities for parents to learn more about the development of their children and early childhood education and to enhance parenting skills through participation in the school and with parent activities. To provide a link between home and school.

  • To establish a home/school relationship with all parents.
  • To promote on-going written and verbal communication.
  • To provide parent conferences.
  • To involve parents in the daily classroom activities, program events and parent meetings.


To nurture staff through training, open communication and commitment to professionalism.

  • To provide regular staff meetings.
  • To conduct monthly training based on staff needs.
  • To inform staff of local workshops, conferences and classes related to Early Childhood Education.
  • To participate in on-going team-building and motivational activities.

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