May 2017

What’s Been Happening!

Bible: We have been following along as Jesus spends his last days on earth before his final ascension into heaven. We were amazed to hear how he finally rose up into the clouds to sit at the right hand of God. I keep adding pages to the children’s journals, as they just can’t seem to write enough about their love for God.

Math: We will be doing a large amount of review throughout this month. A strong focus will be placed on many of the important skills they will need to succeed in first grade. Final assessments will be administered during the last two weeks in May.

Science: We studied a lot about plants and spring and the environment in April. We observed the bad effects of polluted water on plants and wrote about it in our journals along with sprouting seeds and the early stages of a caterpillar’s life. They are now in their chrysalis so now we are waiting!! Our final units will be on bugs and the rainforest. We will look at bugs under magnifying glasses and do lots more writing in our journals.

Social Studies: We will be spending the rest of the year on various subjects from how much we love our moms and dads to the wonders of the rainforest. Our drama center will transform into a rainforest habitat

From the Teachers


Well it’s our last newsletter and still there is so much going on in our class. We teachers have really enjoyed this class. They have worked so hard all year, but in the last couple of months it has definitely turned into a first grade classroom!  We have been working very hard in our reading groups and are becoming great little independent readers. We are also reading books online and taking tests, just like big first graders. I am very excited about our spelling tests and all the practice that is obviously being done at home. As far as math goes, well they are just fantastic in all areas. They are all so ready for first grade! Be sure to mark May 12th on your calendars for our final play, “The Lady Bug Ball”. We will hold it at 3:00pm. It is so cute. Kindergarten graduation is complete with caps and gowns! This precious event will be held on Thursday June 1st @ 6:30pm. Thanks again to all you wonderful families for helping make this a year to remember. We must also say a special thanks to all the parent helpers we have had this year. You have been so great and really made a difference in our classroom.

              God Bless,  Mrs. Nielsen and Mrs. Heiny



Good News for Kids

I commit you to the word of God’s grace which can give you an inheritance among all those who are saved.            Acts 20.32

        This is the last article with Mrs. Nielsen as our beloved director and Kindergarten teacher.  For the past 19 years she and I have worked together as closely as thunder and lightning.  We have seen to it that your children were taught the pure Word of God.  We did not manipulate or guilt you.  Remember that if, in your next religious school there are mandatory requirements for you or donations to the building or other funds that are strongly encouraged on the admissions form.  We have conducted ourselves not only as your older brother and sister, but as your servants.

Now, for those leaving us, we commit you to God’s care.  For the years of ministry Shawn has fruitfully given us all, we offer humble thanks to God and our lasting gratitude to her.

Thank you for 19 wonderful years, Mrs. Nielsen.

Pastor Pieper