May , 2017

From the Classroom

          Could this possibly be the last newsletter of the school year?  How can that be?  Where has the time gone?

          We started our month continuing to talk about Jesus’ resurrection and the joy it brings us.  We also talked about the other fun things that Easter brings:  the Easter bunny and hunting for decorated eggs.  We had a lot of fun at our egg hunt and Easter luncheon.      

          When we came back from Easter break, we learned about the wonderful earth God made and how we can all help take care of it and keep it clean.  We’re still finding those little recycle triangles—inside and outside.

         We are now turning into little gardeners and love checking our plants every day for any signs of growing.  We are excited to see what it is that we planted.  We learned that plants need soil, sun, water and air to grow.  We will end our year with 2-week units on insects and dinosaurs.

        Our Bible stories are now focused on the forty days following Jesus’ resurrection, when He lived on earth to make sure His disciples believed He was really alive so they could spread the good news just as we can spread the good news.

         It’s been a wonderful year and we want to thank you again for the love, help, and support you’ve shown us.  May God continue to bless all of you!

From the Director


Well March sure did blow by. It’s hard to believe how fast this year seems to be going. The children began singing at our Lenten services this month.  They did such a great job. It just made our services so special. Mrs. Carter’s class will sing next week and then it will be time for our Easter egg hunts and parties.

       The children also really love to sing in chapel and participate. As you may know, I lead chapel on Fridays. I like to involve them, when ever possible, in my retelling of the Bible stories. Their eagerness and excitement to be a part of chapel and my little helper is beyond precious to see.

       Pastor Kolander also continues to invite everyone to Monday morning coffee and chapel each week. The children love to have their parents there.

       I pray everyone has a great Spring break and blessed Easter. The rest of April will be filled lots of great projects revolving around the environment bugs and springs.

God Bless, Mrs. Nielsen